CISEG has been operating successfully in Central Asia and other emerging markets for more than 25 years.

Throughout these years the company has grown from a small equipment exporter to the agricultural and construction equipment group it is today. We pride ourselves on being an international company with employees from more than 16 countries. At the same time we manage to keep our feet firmly on the ground allowing us to work as a local company in the markets where we are present. Together with our suppliers, employees and other stakeholders our long-term strategy is to become the leading agricultural and construction dealer group in the developing world. Population trends all over the world are driving an increasing need for agricultural output and infrastructure development. We are convinced that CISEG is well positioned to seize these opportunities and contribute to overcoming the world’s agricultural and infrastructure challenges of tomorrow.


UHM Ukraine is founded


UHM Uzbekistan is founded


Landtech Ukraine is founded


IPC Machines is founded


Landtech Uzbekistan is founded


The company is founded to deliver equipment to the former Soviet Union

Our Values


We believe in merit-based growth.  We actively promote from within and give our employees a chance to grow on their challenges and achievements. We believe that everybody deserves to make mistakes and openly communicates wrongdoings. Our employees work in efficient teams because they acknowledge that their combined results are greater than the sum of their separate ones. 


We believe in equality of opportunity and value the strength that comes with diversity. We do not tolerate any kind of prejudice or discrimination against gender, age, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or any other minority groups. Our managers assess performance objectively and make decisions democratically and transparently. 


We believe in applying the highest standards of ethical business conduct. We take our legal and societal responsibilities very seriously and expect the same from our employees. We do not tolerate any acts of corruption or bribery in any form, neither giving nor receiving. Our employees are responsible for the reputation and integrity of the company. 


We believe in open communication and full access to information, internally and externally. We are honest about our motivations and share information even if it is uncomfortable. We strive to be an upfront and visible organisation which acts consistently according to its values.