Digitalization together with John Deere (UZ) | CIS
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Digitalization together with John Deere (UZ)

Worldwide, digital technologies penetrate at an intense pace in all spheres and people’s lives. In turn, the dealer of the world’s leading company John Deere in Uzbekistan, FE Landtech provides farmers and dehkan farms of the republic with the opportunity to use agricultural machinery equipped with digital technologies.

On October 15, during the event dedicated to the digitalization of agriculture on the territory of the Silverleafe cluster located in the Djizak region, with the participation of ministries, departments, national institutes, agencies and the council of farmers of Uzbekistan. Presentations and demonstration of the latest generation CP690 cotton harvester and precision farming system AMS SYSTEM were held.

The relevance of the event lies in the fact that on September 22, a video conference call was held under the chairmanship of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on the introduction of the digital economy and e-government in industries and regions. “Heads of industries and regions are obliged to understand that without digitalization there will be no results and development. Managers at all levels should outline this as a daily task, and start studying the field of digitalization from the basics,” Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

The event demonstrates John Deere’s support for the president’s initiative, as well as its direct participation in accelerating the digitalization of the national economy in compliance with such basic principles of the company as honesty, quality, loyalty and innovation.

According to the official dealer of John Deere, Commercial Director of Landtech, the main purpose of this presentation is the use of digital technologies in agriculture.

“The use of digital technologies in agriculture will create an opportunity to reduce the labour force and increase the scale of cotton harvesting, cultivation of land through combine harvesters. Almost 80 per cent of the equipment imported over the past two years is equipped with John Deere telematics systems. Customers will be given the opportunity to monitor the operation of equipment in the field,” says Botir Isroilov.

Nuriddin Khozhibekov, head of the Sulton farm, who has been cooperating with John Deere for several years, said that the quality of the company’s equipment is at a high level.

“I’ve been working with John Deere for two years. We have a cotton harvester for this company. One combine harvester collects cotton per day, which can gather 1,000 people,” says Nuriddin Khozhibekov.

During the presentation, the technical aspects of the equipment were also reported. In particular, combine harvesters are equipped with AMS and JD-link systems. The system makes it possible to determine how the equipment works, how much fuel is spent per hectare.

John S. McGregor, the Project Coordinator of the Organization for Security and Cooperation of Europe (OSCE) in Uzbekistan, argues that cotton collection with digitized equipment fully meets the requirements of international organizations.

“Europe, East Asia and America pay special attention to how cotton harvesting in Uzbekistan. This technique provides specific information about where and how cotton was collected, that is, not through forced labour, but through technology. We are convinced that forced labour is not used in cotton harvesting at the moment. This increases the confidence of the world’s major brands specializing in tailoring in Uzbek cotton,” says the OSCE project coordinator in Uzbekistan.

During the event, two memorandums of mutual cooperation were signed between FE Landtech and Silverleafe, within the framework of which John Deere became a platinum sponsor of the Jizzakh women’s football team Sogdiana, as well as between FE Landtech and the leasing company Hamkormazlising.

As a conclusion, we can say that the use of digital technologies and special equipment in cotton harvesting will not only allow you to harvest qualitatively and quickly but will also contribute to improving the export performance of Uzbek cotton.